Analytic Call Tracking 2.6.3


Analytic Call Tracking 2.6.3
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Powered By Twilio

Local Phone Numbers $1 Per Month, and 1 Cent Per Minute. Provision phone numbers in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, France, Ireland, and Poland.
Multi Company

Easily manage multiple companies. Ideal for agencies and local marketing consultants. Every install supports unlimited clients, and you can give your clients the ability to log in and view their call reports.
Your Brand

Keep a consistent brand by adding your companies logo, and host the call tracking platform on whatever domain you want.
Real Time Tracking

Get up to date call data with the real time dashboard.
Simple Configuration

You can configure a new tracking number, and assign it to any company/account in less than 30 seconds.
No Contracts

There are no contracts, no setup charges, and no shenanigans. You just pay for what you use, when you use it.
Blacklist/Blocked Calls

You can make multiple blacklists, which are lists of phone numbers you wish to block. No more dealing with telemarketers trying to sell you stuff!
Whisper/Notification MP3

The whisper feature plays a message the to the person who picks up the phone. The Notification MP3 plays a message to the caller before someone picks up the phone.
Usage Report

Running reports to see how much you got charged by twilio for each company and phone number is easy with our Usage Report.